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Metrotabs is a light jQuery plugin to create tabs with metro style. You can align tab positions at anywhere you like. The content can be anything ( paragraphs, images, video, iframe, ... ). MetroTab supports both inline content and AJAX content to you can combine two methods for best performance and SEO. You can customize the style of tabs and content by choose from many styles, many colors/images have already created in CSS file or make new ones on your own.


Tabion – Metro Tab Accordion Switcher CSS is a small CSS plugin that is used to create Tab with Metro UI style. Tabion also support Responsive Design that will switch to Vertical Accordion when it is viewed on small screens like Mobile Devices.


Social Auth Plugin is the authentication and authorization solution base on social networks for web applications.

Nowaday, almost internet users have at least one account on social networks ( like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus … ). Therefore allowing users log in your applications/sites ( apps ) via social network accounts is not only help users approach your apps easily but also help you reduce amount of work which is not necessary to focus to develop your apps. So now I introduce you a simple way to make a Social Auth plugin for your apps.


MetroBox is a Responsive LightBox jQuery plugin for displaying photos/videos or anything you want with visitor/user comments ( like social network features ). With this plugin you can show photos/video with their comments and other information. Additional, the responsive design and swipe feature make this plugin can work well on almost platforms.


OneSlider is a Responsive Slider jQuery plugin that is not only used to show your banners or image gallery but also allow to add content for each slide.


OpenPanel is a jQuery plugin that allows you to open panel at any where in your page, unlimited panels as you want and support for responsive design. With this small plugin you can open more space for your site to add anything you want.